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There are a lot of tools out there for client feedback, so many ways to send files across and get markups without pulling hair. Oh and if all of those web based services don't work for you there is always attaching low res jogs to emails, which is always fun* (*this is never fun, don't let anyone tell you otherwise)

Red Pen is a feedback tool for designers who want "effing fast feedback" from their peers and their clients.

Matthew Farag and Katie Chen are the team behind, UI designers hailing from Sunny Sydney, Australia. Matt use to work for Campaign Monitor and Katie has worked in agency land and Pollenizer, a startup incubator. Before we started working together on Red Pen they would always design on the weekend; 'design jams' they called it. All they did was make stuff they thought was cool and win hackathons. 

Matt learnt  Ruby and Rails in his spare time to make Red Pen. "In three weeks we had a version one. We launched it on Hacker News and hit number one in an hour. Our stance on "effing fast feedback" resonated with people."  

"We're huge fans of good copywriting and no-bullshit user experience. For Red Pen, we dogged-fooded the hell out of it. We used it for designing Red Pen itself and with our freelance clients. We're pretty happy with what we've released out in the wild, but it won't stop there. There are more iterations to come, so stay tuned."

It has a 30 day free trial so there really is no reason to give it a whirl and replace the forever tedious jpg email attachment with text notes for feedback ***RAGE!

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