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Iconic Australian surfer Mark Richards is a household name for most people affiliated with the sport. His famous MR logo is even more recognisable. It was in the Hawaiian winter of 1971 - 72 he commissioned an artist to produce the logo, inspired by the popular Bruce Lee movie posters of the day. When the artist returned presenting something not even close to what he'd pictured a flat broke MR had no choice but to accept the sketch and get on with it. Despite his reservations, everyone else loved the logo and for over 40 years it has adorned his boards. 

In an interesting project, Melbourne based Doomsday Store have partnered up with Japanese artist Toshikazu Nozaka to grant MR's original dream with an original Bruce Lee inspired dragon. They're hosting an exhibition at the Collingwood store in mid may featuring some of these hand made boards, a limited edition t-shirt and more. 

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  • matthewlmox 14th April 2014 @ 9.59 PM

    Wasn't expecting to see your name around this neck of the woods! Nice post mate!

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  • Bjarni 15th April 2014 @ 9.35 AM

    The dragon was/is classic, first board I had, had that, shared with my brother before we hit double digits.

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