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Sam Yong Exhibition 'Unnatural Selection'


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Sam Yong has returned from his shared exhibition at Rock en Seine Festival in Paris, to present his first solo exhibition 'Unnatural Selection' at Off the Kerb Gallery, Collingwood.

Yong's exhibition of new works present the delicate balance of life and death in the natural world in an unfamiliar way. The intricate detailed graphite and colour pencil illustrations depict both flora and fauna intertwining with one another; reflecting on the complex relationships between all living things in nature and how they affect each other.

Artistic elements of tension, unfamiliarity and unease are illustrated in 'Unnatural Selection', where nature and predators who have never met are placed together to bring emotional human involvement.

"I try to capture both the cruel simplicity of nature, but also bring some kind of human element to it too. I guess I'm trying to rationalize my own emotions about mortality. The challenge is trying to express my human emotion using non-human subject matter," said Yong.

The featured artworks in 'Unnatural Selection' are carefully crafted by Yong and collectively add up to over 300 hours of delicate work. Yong shares for the first time, his artwork for public viewing and an opportunity to escape into his beautiful intricate world.

Opening Night
~ 6pm Friday 1 November

Exhibition Dates ~ Friday 1 November - Friday 15 November

LocationOff the Kerb Gallery, 66B Johnston Street, Collingwood, Melbourne VIC

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