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No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne is hosting The Calling, a stunning new show by Sean Layh, described as 'a meeting of old and new: a synthesis of classical oil painting techniques and contemporary digital technologies'.

The Calling begins with a ‘call to adventure’, which sees an idle girl approached by two messengers that motivate her to depart on a quest. In sequence, the seven images trace the journey of a girl and her entourage as she transitions from a highland environment, through a subterranean passage and out into a stormy ocean-scape, whereupon she encounters the object of her quest.

These amazing artworks are a mixture of traditional oil painting techniques, achieved digitally, with modern animation and visual effects techniques such as visual effects techniques, compositing and grading

More info on the show and Sean's work here and here.

No Vacancy Gallery

34-40 Jane Bell Lane, QV Melbourne

January 28 - February 16
Opening Launch: Thursday, January 30, 6pmJanuary 28 - February 1Opening Launch: Thursday, January 30, 6pm34-40 Jane Bell Lane

January 28 - February 16

Opening Launch: Thursday, January 30, 6pm

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