Semi-Permanent Brisbane 2010

Semi-Permanent Brisbane 2010


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Semi-Permanent 2010 rolls into Brisbane this Friday with an impressive roster of industry speakers which are sure to impress.

INfront will be showing support by sending along Joel Goodman to be our man on the ground for the day. Joel will be reporting back with live tweets, photos and wraps on each speaker to keep you actively informed.

Similar to the RAFW 2010 coverage we have loaded the events system with speaker interviews, bios and galleries. During the week we will continue to add more interviews and gallery images to each speaker.

Get over to our pre-coverage and soak up some interview goodness from the likes of Vince Frost, Jasper Goodall, Alexia Sinclair and Stephen Dupont before the main event.

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  • aistrope 31st May 2010 @ 2.41 PM

    Some great interviews in there Joel. Well done. Looking forward to the rest of the coverage.

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  • Rimfya 31st May 2010 @ 4.11 PM

    See you all there!

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  • jamesb 01st June 2010 @ 6.59 AM

    unfortunately I can't get time off work this year, hope it goes well!

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