Sex, Drugs & Helvetica Conference 2014


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Online or offline, Sex, Drugs & Helvetica addresses the real topics and issues that impact designers and their industry. Our exceptionally strong engagement with our customers and the wider design community enables us to feature speakers and commission exclusive content from leading designers other organisations are unable to. While we love inspiring designers, we aim to do much more — we aim to empower them.

The Sex, Drugs & Helvetica conference is a one-day conference about design in practice. It’s about giving you the insight you need to be a better designer. It’s about six internationallyrenowneddesign studios taking you through all aspects of a project – the challenges and the learning curves – the real issues that impact designers and their industry.

It’s not a design conference. It’s a conference for designers.

This year, Sex, Drugs & Helvetica are excited to announce an amazing 2014 lineup of speakers including: Build (UK), Studio Round (MEL), Chris Doyle (SYD), Reactive (SYD), Fabio Ongarato Design (MEL) and Kevin Finn (BNE).

Tickets are currently on sale for both Melbourne and Brisbane events, available for $99 AUD + booking fee.


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