Shot Down

Shot Down


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Shot Down has become a staple on the AGDA calendar. A celebration of failed concepts, missed opportunities and general rejection.

We all have them, ideas, thoughts or experiences that you are certain of, only to have the them go down in flames. What went wrong? Was the designer right? Was the client too cautious? Was the work off brief? Shot Down takes us behind the curtain and through processes we rarely get to see.

Join one of Australia's leading Motion & Design teams, Toby & Pete, Berlin based Australian Designer and Writer, Gabby Lord and internationally renowned Typographer, Illustrator and Designer Dave Foster

Returning once again is your host, me.

72 Campbell Street
Surry Hills
Wednesday 23rd March 6.30pm

Members $25 (includes one free drink)
Public $40

This event sells out fast so get in quick!

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