Show Us Your Bones

Show Us Your Bones


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Keen to get a foot in the skate industry door? The Design Kids and Bone Machine are offering up an opportunity to do just that.

The brief is really easy; take the word bone or machine (or both), and execute a black and white typographic response. Selected responses will be produced into one-off boards for an exhibition, with one lucky collaborator given the chance to design a range of tees and decks for the Bone Machine flagship store up in Byron Bay.

Submissions close 25th of April, (bunny)hop to it!

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  • katjabak 10th April 2012 @ 5.06 PM

    Sounds good, thanks!

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  • Lilith 16th April 2012 @ 5.42 PM

    I like show us.Bones may hard to recognize

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