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Head over to Studio Thick for the outstanding site design and stay for the case studies which are laden with creative inspiration.

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  • Motionlab 04th August 2015 @ 12.57 PM

    Nice website.

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  • Dan 04th August 2015 @ 9.29 PM

    Not a fan of the body font.

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  • muco 05th August 2015 @ 11.44 PM

    Well, it looks like you are selling toys for kids - the bubble font in the logo, later it looks like you are working with BIOS ( the body font ) + there are too many colours.
    I think that it is no harmony and it will be hard for user( your client ) to understand what you actually offer... It should be more clear.

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  • aldous 06th August 2015 @ 2.37 PM

    I love it, big and colourful. Completely disagree with @Muco on this one.

    @dan The logo looks weird on its own up there, but in the context of the site it's just fine. Thanks for posting, @ZannStPierre

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  • Dan 06th August 2015 @ 3.13 PM

    @aldous Don't have a prob with the logo or it's position. Just not a fan of the computer font in the body. One step away from comic sans.

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  • aldous 06th August 2015 @ 5.53 PM

    Sorry @dan , misread your post.

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  • jamesb 07th August 2015 @ 5.28 PM

    Completely disagree with @muco too - don't think there is anything wrong with the logotype. There's definitely harmony in the design too.

    Agree with @dan about the computer typeface in the body though

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  • TRex 07th August 2015 @ 5.38 PM

    So much critique in here lol

    For what it's worth I think the logo is perfect and the website looks great. Two thumbs up.

    Love the colours too.

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