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Something that's taken my interest of late is finding design firms that are on a mission to do good for the world. An excellent place to start if you are interested is B Corporations, companies that are B certified undergo rigorous standards of social and enviromental performace, accountability and transparency. There aren't a ton of design firms on there, but the ones that are are worth your time. I'll feature a few of them in coming weeks.

One that popped up is a long time friend of Aus Infront, Tank out of Melbourne. It's been a while since we featured them, so the team reached out with a few new pieces of work for you to view. A read of the Tank website bio is a refreshing change from what you see on most agency mantras. The simple premise of 'Do meaningful work' is apparent in everything that they undertake, from the clients they on board, the staff they hire right, through to the work that is outputted. Mindful in the manner that they are trying to help organisations create meaning in their communications. My favorite line is "No noise. Just meaning" - this speaks volumes, especially from a branding and marketing agency.

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