TASTELESS TUESDAYS: Melbourne Indie-Cartoonist Simon Hanselmann


Art, Illustration

I discovered this piece by Simon Hanselmann on tumblr and it really resonated with me because as a freelance illustrator this is how I spend most of my days.

After some investigation I discovered he was 1. Australian (from Melbourne) 2. Quite prolific 3. Famous in other countries.

Alternative comic book publishers Fantagraphics are going to be publishing a deluxe hardcover of his works in 2014, which is literally the biggest-deal-ever.

Check out his work over on his tumblr, which can get a little NSFW but I figure most of you work in laid-back design studios (or from home) anyway.

Americans will ask you about him, and if you say you haven't seen his stuff before it'll be so embarrassing for you.

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