TDK Tuesdays

TDK Tuesdays


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Frankie Ratford from The Design Kids has been in touch with a series of events for design students and grads to catch up and talk shop:

Wahoo, another excuse for a drink : ) We’ve decided here at The Design Kids HQ that there is waaaay too much emailing and not enough socialising. So – roll on Tuesdays (Luckily its begins with a T!) where we will sit down, have a beer and invite anyone to join in. It’s a great place for design students and grads to meet other design students and grad, talk shit, swap notes, get involved and just generally build a bigger design community where you live. Maybe there will be industry folk there too, who knows. If you are shy, and “networking” (dirty word) is hard, this is a easy place to start. Grab a friend and come say hi!

Jump on Instagram to follow your hosts : )

Coffee Pot, 6.30pm
Run by Mitchell and Heath

Coming Soon

Run by Jessie

We need some help – get in touch!

Gold Coast
Mexicali, Nobby’s Beach. 5:30 onwards

Run by Chris and Luke

We need some help – get in touch!

1000 £ Bend, 5pm onwards, look for a giant hand
Run by Frankie, Dana and Dan

We need some help – get in touch!

Mechanics Institute, 6.30pm onwards

Run by Ridhwaan and Bradley

Darlie Laundromatic, 7pm onwards, look for a giant hand and speech bubble!

Run by Jodie and Laura

Check out our past events:

With thanks to our sponsors:

Mechanics Institute | Darlie Laundromatic

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