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The Distillery Letterpress in North Sydney is having a grand opening bash and they want you to come. Drink, see samples and also get a demo of the beast in action. RSVPs close soon.

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  • Scarlett 25th September 2011 @ 11.32 AM

    Awesome! I need to get more in touch with the letterpress industry.

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  • Luke 26th September 2011 @ 3.33 PM

    I believe this has been set up and run by our very own Noftus. You might remember him posting photos of the dirty letterpress when he bought it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it up and running.

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  • Scarlett 26th September 2011 @ 4.22 PM

    Yeah I remember him mentioning it, I'm glad it's come to fruition. Ready for one in every City :D

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  • Dittmar 26th September 2011 @ 6.11 PM

    I've printed at The Distillery recently, the guys were amazing and so happy to go through all the processes together which means you're learning along the way too. Definitely go and check it out if you can.

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  • JubbJubb 27th September 2011 @ 10.39 AM

    I'm due for new business cards... awesome!

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  • noftus 28th September 2011 @ 10.54 PM

    Cheers thanks for the props.

    Yeah Luke is absolutely right, The Distillery started as a thread here on AiF less than a year ago. Thanks to funnelbc and Luke amongst others, we've come a long way.

    As a way of saying thank you and remembering our roots, we're permanently offering a 10% discount from our published letterpress business card print rates, for registered members of Australian InFront. (just mention your AiF alias).

    Hope to see some of you there at our launch next Thursday / Friday. We already have over 200 RSVPs, and there will be tasty tasty letterpress samples, a good crowd, letterpress demo, and beer.

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  • matthuynh 28th September 2011 @ 11.28 PM

    congratulations Noftus!

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  • Bjarni 29th September 2011 @ 9.08 AM

    The Distillery looks great, it gives me tingles to see your work, would love to pop in one day when passing through Sydney.

    As an old lover of letterpress, here is some work I did about 15 year ago, I was very young then : ) back in my day it was a dying, actually maybe a dead trade, even though I studied/learned the fundamentals I was using it for small book runs, experimenting with etching more as an art form.

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  • justinfox 29th September 2011 @ 2.33 PM

    Got that invite in the mail, the picture above does it no justice at all. So nice to hold, and feel in real life. I instantly want a new business card, please!

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  • Scarlett 29th September 2011 @ 2.39 PM

    Yes, will be using that discount soon enough.

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  • H_Johnston 08th October 2011 @ 8.39 AM

    Great launch last night guys!

    It was interesting to see how the artwork goes from digital to the final product. Also good to meet your helpful and knowledgable staff.

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