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My very first post on Infront in 2003 was about The Glue Society and a holding page which was pretty darn funny. Their site has seen a few variations since then, most famous I'd say is the large mouse pointer and massive nav. They are back again with a new site, still with the oversized proportions, but what is most impressive about this version is that there is loads more clever work to explore and beautiful executions across a wide range of media. Enjoy.

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  • NicelyStrange 23rd April 2011 @ 10.50 AM

    Not sure if Glue Society know of this issue already but I'm having a problem viewing the content on Firefox 3.6 - only the header appeared for me at first! I can see the rest of the content through Safari though.

    Tried emailing the 'hello' address to let them know and the address doesn't appear to work either as it's bounced back! Who fell asleep during testing? :)

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  • zannstpierre 23rd April 2011 @ 8.12 PM

    I've had no issues in Firefox viewing their site.

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  • NicelyStrange 24th April 2011 @ 12.37 PM

    Hey Zann, the site appears to be working for me now in FF 3.6. Now if TGS can fix their email address I can send them an invoice for my effort! Just kidding :)

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  • Scarlett 26th April 2011 @ 9.03 PM

    The "God's Eye View" pieces are extraordinary.

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