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Bit of an exclusive here for Infront, what you see above is the first look at the new Desktop magazine that hits newsstands this Wednesday. After holding this in my hands for over the last week, I can testify that this is quite the comeback. Improved content and contributors, quality stock choices, structured layouts and less ads (and most of the existing advertisers have upped the anti in terms of quality too). Great feature, cover and pull out poster from Mark Gowing also.

A very welcome change and rightly so too, this is Desktops 25th anniversary believe it or not. To celebrate the launch of the new Desktop we have two 12 month subscriptions to give away. To win, head on over to our Facebook page and upload a photo of yourself and an old copy of Desktop. Be creative - winners will be picked in a weeks time on the 5th of March.

Good luck and massive congratulations to the team at Desktop.

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  • zannstpierre 01st March 2011 @ 8.26 AM

    +1 massive congratulations to Desktop.
    Great work guys/girls!

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  • davidwho 01st March 2011 @ 8.29 AM

    Pretty sure that k should be italicised...

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  • aistrope 01st March 2011 @ 9.43 AM

    Grab that camera and take some photos of yourself with old issues in hand. Great (and easy) way to score yourself a 12 month subscription.

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  • etchroom 01st March 2011 @ 10.57 AM

    Looks alot better. Actually reminds me of the old Desktop pre-2000 in a way. Wish I had all my old copies of Desktop on this side of the planet!?

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  • arke1 01st March 2011 @ 1.04 PM

    lookin' good! It gets the arke1 thumbs up. Will it be the same price though?

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  • benjennings 01st March 2011 @ 1.42 PM

    It'd be great to see the process they undertook to re-design this journal.

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  • Jem 01st March 2011 @ 2.04 PM

    Have they overhauled the content too? Or am I just being preposterous?

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  • Taku 01st March 2011 @ 3.20 PM

    ::Have they overhauled the content too? Or am I just being preposterous?

    I hope so! It has been pretty weak content-wise the last few years

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  • davidwho 01st March 2011 @ 3.44 PM

    ::It'd be great to see the process they undertook to re-design this journal.

    Indeed! You'd be just like a fly on the wallpaper* tbh.

    *Or it could be something as nice as this -

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  • jesse 01st March 2011 @ 8.53 PM

    ^ Yep, content has been overhauled too. They did a great job at improving that side of things too!

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  • Michael 02nd March 2011 @ 8.52 AM


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  • aistrope 06th March 2011 @ 6.58 PM

    Congratulations to Leona Fietz and Caroline Hammat - winners of our Desktop Magazine competition. For those who didn't win, go grab yourself a subscription here

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  • Trizzy 07th March 2011 @ 10.58 AM

    I ended up buying this. I really like the look of it and the layout. But I dont think I'd buy it again. For me, the content wasn't enough to keep me interested. I felt it was very dry and not very engaging. And tbh didnt offer anything that you cant find on the internet or in other magazines currently. Theres only so many studio profiles and pseudo press releases for art exhibitions I can read. You can get the same stuff with a broader scope in Creative mag or online.

    Also, I bought HOW Magazine alongside it. And HOW had pages and pages of interesting content. TO ME AT LEAST. HOW had a lot of interesting articles on what to do and how to do things as a designer. Such as how to deal with client briefings and communicate your ideas. It also had a great article on how to stay fresh and inspired. Not only that but it combined the how-to articles with awesome inspirational design pieces. I really felt after reading HOW inspired and had learnt some things.

    HOW was like equal parts SmashingMag and FFFFound. Which is what I want from a design magazine. And I guess that appeals to a certain type of designer. Maybe desktop is going after a different segment of the market?

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