The Old Persuader

The Old Persuader


Design, Illustration

An architect, two designers, a photographer, and a writer walk into a brewery—and I won't lie, this joke is going nowhere fast but the aforementioned did happen and The Old Persuader, that I'm yet to taste, is no joke.

Byron Bay's Stone & Wood brewery ocassionally open their doors to a group of individuals to share their personal obsessions and create a brew from a common ground—a love of beer. Released under The Mash Collective brand, the latest brew was concocted by Brisbane architect Stuart Vokes (who loves a good lawn), Sydney graphic artists We Buy Your Kids (who also designed the label), photographer Ingvar Kenne, and He Died with a Felafel in His Hand author John Birmingham—and given I'm yet to taste the brew, I'll leave it up to John Birmingham's words on the label:

The steam press heat rolls up on you again. Another year, another summer. Hotter this year, like they always are now. Hotter and somehow heavier. There's always so much to get ready. So much to do. That rusted, greasy plate on the barbecue. That'll need scraping back, oiling up. The boards and the beach gear, they'll need some hard lovin' too. And that garden, it's not gonna mow itself. There's a whole cricket set out there somewhere, in the long green. So much to do. And so hot already.


The Old Persuader knows all about summer. Sit down. He's got this.

It's available at all good purveyors of alcohol, and if like me, you've started dancing with the darker side of lager, then you should join me in this most creative of collective cheers.

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