Time to get Serous



Mark Gowing has been busy with his first typeface release for Formist—named Serous.

Formist Serous is a geometric display typeface consisting of four styles (Brook, Creek, Stream, and River), designed by the AGI member to embody the feeling of liquid. Fingers crossed an extra black version, or should I say Flood, is being tossed about the studio as a bonus if this goes off... If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the word serous comes from the Latin serõsus (from serum) and is defined as: resembling, or producing serum, referring to substances of a watery nature. Whatever you soak up from that, it all leads to sexy curves, fluid forms and raunchy rhythms—and I look forward to seeing it in action Australia.

For more details and a place to purchase all four styles (for $50 of Friday fun) click here…

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