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Unwell Bunny's solo exhibition 'Subtuition' explores characters built on a deconstructed platform. Emerging from a graffiti inspired landscape, we find the symbols of a movement, bombs and lettering characteristics... Obsessed by the profusion of images that surround us, it saturates the characters graphic references.

“Subtuition” is the first Paris exhibition by Australian artist Ed Bechervaise, known in the art scene under the name Unwell Bunny. 'Subtuition' is a neologism built from the subconscious and intuition. Throughout our life, our subconscious is subjected to millions of images. It collects and stores against its will. By following our intuition, by getting rid of the shackles created by upbringing, social conditioning, advertising, media, we reinterpret these images to the lights of our freedom of thought, of our personal expression.

Opening reception: 7-10pm, April 9, Galerie Lacorix, Paris, France.

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