Updates over There

Updates over There


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It seems like the very talented people at There (disclosure, I'm one of them) suddenly remembered they have a blog. A batch of fantastic recent work has been uploaded and from what I've been seeing, there's a fair bit more of it to come.

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  • brucer83 13th July 2010 @ 5.45 PM

    Is it just me or is this a pretty brazen self-promotion? Little bit disappointing to see AusInfront allow this forum to start heading down this route.

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  • Dan 13th July 2010 @ 7.20 PM

    Agree with you to some degree although the work is quite nice.

    How many people can actually post "news" on AIF?

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  • clintonduncan 13th July 2010 @ 10.12 PM

    Hi Bruce, Dan,

    You know what? I completely agree with you. In fact, this was one of my biggest gripes with the 'old' infront. I saw it as a clique, pissing in each others pockets, back-patting and self promoting themselves on the shoulders of other people's work. My criticisms, attacks and put downs of the 'old' infront are well known by many and I was quite aware of the irony and hypocrisy of my first news post on infront being self promo. It bugged me. I cringe now on re-reading the "I'm one of them" line as it seems to read as 'look at me, I'm talented'.

    Before posting, I ran the post past another editor, to see if they thought it was newsworthy. They answered a resounding yes. The work that There have produced recently, and in the past, is at the pointy end of the industry in Australia. And I've only been with the studio for 3 weeks now, so it's nothing to do with me. The work in the latest batch of blog posts on There is of a high calibre, and of interest/value to the community.

    In the interests of open-ness and transparency, I disclosed my interest, so that you dear readers, are in possession of all the facts. If I hadn't made this disclosure, you would be none the wiser, and you'd simply evaluate the content on it's merits - which I think we can all agree is high quality and of interest.

    My other contributions to the community have been a Talk piece about how designers can brand and promote themselves, and a reply in the forum to someone seeking help with news printing. My intention with being a part of this community (a place I publicly proclaimed I'm 'done' with) was to impart some of the help, advice and inspiration I received from it as a young aspiring designer.

    I'd like to make a commitment to you both, and the community as a whole, that I will not disrespect you all by simply exploiting the news posting privilege as a self promotional tool. This is the first and only time I'll post anything vaguely self promotional.

    Thanks for calling me on my shit. It's what I do to others all the time, so it's only right I take it on the chin when it's served up for me.

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  • funnelbc 13th July 2010 @ 11.37 PM

    Think you're being a bit hard on yourself there Clinton. As long as there's a disclosure I see no issue what-so-ever with news posters giving their own projects a plug. It's a small way to pay them back for being involved as far as I'm concerned. Go for it.

    My only real comment was not to use the third person when referring to a group that involves you. That shit gives me a headache.

    Now just post some cool work from elsewhere and we're square ;)

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  • justinfox 21st July 2010 @ 6.15 PM

    I totally disagree with the OP. If it's good then it's good. Full stop.

    If anything I used to get frustrated when some INfront members on the old site used to ask me to post up their latest work. I often replied "why not post it yourself!".

    On the other hand. That reply above is the best thing I've read from you Clinton. I disagree about not posting your own stuff though (it's not like I'm going to constantly refresh the There site to look for new news worthy content to post on INfront).

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  • otherside 02nd August 2010 @ 6.46 PM

    I dont think there is anything wrong with self-promotion at all. As a matter of fact, I used to get heaps of jobs (and I mean heaps...over 15k worth of work) from the old AIF site and now nothing. Isn't this supposed to be a design oriented community??? If it is...then why not be able to self promote your work here? Its the perfect medium for it and its always great to see other people's work...i even forwarded people's contact info(that I've never met but liked their work) from here to jobs that I can't do.

    Maybe there should a new place on the forum where people can promote their work here. I know I would use it for sure and I'm pretty sure heaps of other users would benefit from it as well.

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  • Dan 02nd August 2010 @ 7.10 PM

    The montly WIP threads serve as self promotion. Anything more than that and it will become a spam fest.

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  • fishmonster 02nd August 2010 @ 7.20 PM

    If was self promotion, it'd be selling ice to eskimos. Showing designers your design studio as inspiration & news, if it's worthy of it, is o-kay by me.

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  • aistrope 02nd August 2010 @ 8.38 PM

    ::I used to get heaps of jobs (and I mean heaps...over 15k worth of work) from the old AIF site and now nothing. Isn't this supposed to be a design oriented community???

    Have you uploaded a new directory? Have you been taking part in the forum? It's give and take - got to give something to get something back.

    Directory will be changing soon - it will become more a portfolio based tool.

    Hold tight, itsa comin' :)

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  • otherside 02nd August 2010 @ 11.46 PM

    Thanks for advise Dan...
    and also thanks for the great new (Aistrope) that would be an awesome feature to have here.


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  • Luke 03rd August 2010 @ 9.00 AM

    Does that mean that no matter how good a studio's work is, if one employee is involved with infront there work can never be featured on infront? i call rubbish on that. As Justin said "if it's good then it's good. full stop."

    As long as there is a disclaimer, i have no problem, and in actual fact love to see who's involved with what. if it starts to happen to often and becomes too self promotional i'm sure we'll let you know, until then show what's news worthy.

    As for the original post, i think it was definitely newsworthy.

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  • JubbJubb 03rd August 2010 @ 10.57 AM

    God there's a lot of whingy new users on this forum.

    First it was fashion posts annoying people, now its self promotion.
    There's nothing wrong with a self-plug to get some attention.

    Its good work, and it deserves a mention.

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