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VEXTA - Flight Cycle



Internationally renowned stencil and street artist Vexta recently created a series of hand-painted ostrich eggs that "explore the duality and essence of life by acknowledging both death and the true freedom life can bring. Titled 'Flight Cycle - Neon Memento Mori', the neon 'death bird' depicted upon the egg is both alive and dead, an affirmation of where she has come from and from where she will return. She flies free."

The eggs are a limited series of artworks that served to push the boundaries of the idea of the print as an art object.

View the process of one of Australia's most celebrated street artists below.

Produced by Yvette Vexta
Video shot by Mitchell Mclennan & Koko
Edited by: Jacks Genga
Music: Alex Oka - "Peote Dance"

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