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What better way then to celebrate the year that was than with a Visual Response! Good excuse for a party I say.

Turns out this one is going to be pretty special. You see, way back in 1999, the dawn of the internet, a few local crew wanting a platform for creativity in Australia got together and formed what you see here today - Australian Infront. That’s right, this ye olde website is turning 15 at the start of 2014. Hard to believe, I know.

We decided that we would kick off the party a bit early (like any teenager would) and get you guys in the spirit of next years official celebrations by theming this Visual Response ’15’.

You could create a hot looking piece of type of the number 15, you could do 15 things you love or hate about Australian Infront, you could draw 15 Purple Monkey Dishwashers wearing tin foil hats. It’s really up to you to have some fun with it.

Now, if you are new here and are thinking 'what the hell is this guy on about?', listen up:

Visual Response is an excellent chance for you to flex your creative skills and let loose with an open one word brief, win some excellent prizes (over 8k up for grabs), have your work exhibited online (and potentially in a gallery) and come along to a great gig at the end of it all. It’s just a bit of community fun, you know? Your work can be illustrated, designed or even a photograph - whatever you please, as long as you follow the guidelines on the following page, your work will be included.

So lets get down to business. The timeline on this one is rather short, so pay attention.


Quick details:

Theme: 15 (fifteen)
Prizes: Over 8K in prizes up for grabs (including cash for the first time!)
Spec: A1 for print, smaller for web. Work to A1 so we can exhibit your work. You need to upload both to be in the running.
Art Due: Saturday 7th of December 2013 at 11pm AEST. You can upload prior to this.
Exhibition: Wednesday 11th of December 2013 from 6.30pm at The Tate. Facebook Event Page.

Sounds good right? So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the competition page now, get all the details and get cracking. You can also enter as many times as you wish.


Massive Massive MASSIVE thanks to our sponsors for helping us pull this one together so quick. These include:
AÃRK CollectiveAIAIAIAsahiAS ColourBlurbDigitalpressGeneral AssemblyMachineMade Quarterly, Mail ChimpProcess JournalTopo DesignsThe Tate.

Poster artwork by Todd Proctor. You can download a copy of the official poster here.

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