VR07 Top 10!


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Once again, massive thank you to everyone that took the time to make a submission for Visual Response 07: 15. We are showing the top 10 as selected by our panel of judges right now at The Tate in Glebe. It's not too late to head down now and see for yourself.

So, without further delay, our top 10 is:

1. Kathryn Pineda

2. Andrew Li
Party Birds

3. Bobby Haiqalsyah
XV Monogram

4. Andrew Ashton
Fifteen years of making creativity count

5. Kate Pullen

6. Adam Busby
Middle West

7. Toko

8. Pete Cromer

9. Allen Yeung

10. Michael Birchall

Congratulations to all!

Once again, thank you to all 147 of you who took part. We hope you had a bit of fun. Also, massive thanks to all of our sponsors and our team of judges for helping us pull this together so quickly and easily.

All prizes will be mailed out within the next week. We will be in touch with all winners to get your best postal address.

There's still time to get down here and have a cold one with us. Jump in a cab right now and see you at The Tate in Glebe.

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