VR5 - The Winners

VR5 - The Winners


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The winners in order of this round of Visual Response are:

1st - Valter Guevarra
2nd - Alex Vito
3rd - Lara Schubert
4th - James Jirat Patradoon
5th - George Nova
6th - Andrew Fairclough
7th - Garry Trinh
8th - Kara Baird
9th - Jonathan Swanson
10th - Luke Saunders
11th - Georgia Perry
12th - Michaela Rinkel
13th - Something Splendid
14th - Cathie Glassby
15th - Yan Yan Candy Ng
16th - Chris Vernon
17th - Sarah Larnach
18th - Motherbird Studio
19th - Jeremy Saunders
20th - James Kape

Massive thanks to all who took part and our sponsors. We really appreciate it and hope you had some fun in the process.

Speaking of fun, what are you doing at your computer? Those in Melbourne should run out the door and head along to the exhibition. It just started and finishes up at 9pm so you still have time. Come down and join us for a beer.

We will be doing another VR and exhibition at the end of the year, so stay tuned for details.

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  • elitist 08th July 2011 @ 11.20 PM

    Interesting choice for first place - I find it a bit too simplistic a representation of the subject , however fluidly executed - what does everyone think?

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  • zack486 12th July 2011 @ 8.45 PM

    jealous... looked fun

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  • davidwho 12th July 2011 @ 3.44 PM

    That dog is seriously *weird*.

    Though I did see one much like it the other day with tiny running shoes on...

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  • mindontherun 12th July 2011 @ 12.59 PM

    Awesome work all. Great to see photos of the event, great stuff to those that were involved.

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  • goaskalicia 11th July 2011 @ 10.03 PM

    Congrats to everyone in the top 20! Was so lovely to meet some AIF faces in person at the event. Thanks to everyone at AIF who organised the event and set it up and everything and the judges too :) You guys rock.

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  • GarryTrinh 11th July 2011 @ 3.47 PM

    7th. That's my lucky number.

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  • justinfox 10th July 2011 @ 6.19 PM

    Just a few pics:

    Damien and I setting up.

    Sonny Zann and Damien.

    We skipped lunch as we were all in the zone setting up. Lorena saved us with food at 2.30PM. Toasted sandwiches from CIBI next door were awesome.

    Sonny, Biddy and Zann. Sonny, Biddy and Andrew did a crazy good job of hanging the works!

    Jeremy's pup!

    The Sponsors.


    6PM, doors open!

    We were lucky to have Simon Winkler from RRR busting out great tunes for the night.

    Our bar guy Menake had a mad rush from 6-7PM.

    We were all happy with the great turnout, it was a huge space to fill!

    If you like, you can check out more pics and commentary form the entire trip on my blog: http://www.spamventdocument.com/

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  • benjennings 11th July 2011 @ 9.43 AM

    Great photos Justin.

    Obligatory question alert: What camera/lens are you using?

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  • GeorgeNova 10th July 2011 @ 1.09 PM

    Looking forward to seeing some photos from the event!
    Congrats to those who made the top 20, thanks again for including mine!
    I particularly like 2nd place, very clever.

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  • Woro 10th July 2011 @ 1.17 PM

    Congratulations everyone!

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  • Woro 10th July 2011 @ 1.17 PM

    Looking forward to the next one.

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  • crispe 10th July 2011 @ 12.46 PM

    I like 6th place the best.
    NFI how this didnt get in the top 20.

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  • katjabak 09th July 2011 @ 6.47 PM

    It was a wonderful night. I intended to say hello to some INfonters that I recognised but my social awkwardness got the better of me. Still - it was great to see so many people there and I agree there were some amazing works in the top twenty.

    More, more!!

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  • justinfox 09th July 2011 @ 11.59 AM

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who rocked up last night, great turnout! I'll upload my photos when I get back to Sydney tomorrow.

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  • zannstpierre 09th July 2011 @ 12.15 PM

    Thanks guys, we are extremely impressed with the quality of work. It makes us very proud to see so many entries and that people take the time to break from work/study to submit.

    So many unpaid hours have gone into making this event come together and we are extremely grateful for each and every person who has put time into INfront. Without the support of our sponsors, judges, venues and helping hands we simply wouldn't be able to do what we do. On behalf of all the team we want to give thanks to everyone who got involved.

    Congratulations to the top 20, your work simply astounds me and we will endeavor to dispatch your prizes asap.

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  • KenSmith 09th July 2011 @ 9.18 AM

    Congrats guys and girls. Hope someone was taking photos last night.

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  • peteshand 09th July 2011 @ 9.22 AM

    Great selection of winners, very varied.

    I'm a big fan of the winning entry. It shows great restraint and captures a lot of detail despite its limited number of strokes.

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  • justinfox 11th July 2011 @ 10.35 AM

    Just a little Lumix GF1 (I love it!).

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  • Byron 13th July 2011 @ 10.36 PM

    While some have noted the obvious skill of the artist, the subject in the winning entry is so lacking her own gaze that her eyes are obscured and she is rendered solely as an object. Presenting “woman” as sex object is reductionist and hackneyed. However, I was heartened to see a number of entries that sought to convey something beyond the usual.

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