Win Without Pitching

Win Without Pitching


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For years AGDA has been tut-tutting and wagging its finger at free pitching — unfortunately for all concerned, it's just how most clients operate and many studios and agencies are caught in a difficult situation — say no to 75% of new business that comes your way or engage in the stressful, expensive and moronic game of free pitching.

AGDA have brought Blair Enns, author of the manifesto 'Win Without Pitching' — and a better use of membership fees, I cannot remember. Nice one AGDA, very useful. I'll be in the front row.

Book online at AGDA's site.

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  • Jenna 24th March 2011 @ 12.00 PM

    I went along to his talk in Brisbane on Tuesday night, it was insightful and inspiring to say the least. I highly recommend everyone attending!

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