Zen Photowalk

Zen Photowalk


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Introducing Zen Garage's first Photowalk. We invite photographers of all levels to bring their cameras and spend the afternoon shooting with us. 

The concept is simple. As a group of photographers we'll walk from Zen Garage to the Rozelle Tram Depot for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that we find interesting along the way. We're sure there will be much banter, and even some skill sharing going on. It'll be amazing fun in a group too so just commit already! 

Post event we'll invite all photographers on the day to submit their top 3 images to use for a huge feature on both Zen Garage and Australian Infront web sites (all images featured will be credited with your name and links to your web sites and/or social media). 

Date: 17th August 2014
Time: 2PM
Location: Zen Garage 7/99 Moore Street Leichhardt

The Walk: We'll be meeting up at Zen Garage and walking (25 minute walk) to Glebe where we'll shoot in* and around the old abandoned Rozelle Tram Depot.

What to Bring: Yourself, your camera, walking shoes and a bottle of water! If it rains out the event will be postponed to a later date. 

Photo Submissions: Please reduce your file sizes down to 1000 pixels wide and JPG format then send to: justinATzengarage.com.au with your name, URL, and instagram details.

* Rozelle Tram Depot: Whilst it's been open on some weekends, getting inside is not guaranteed (people have been breaking in for years on week days) due to current construction work we may or may not be able to get inside, but remember, the journey is the destination!

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