The Fox And King

The Fox And King

17.07.12 — Art, Digital, +2

The Fox and King is the brainchild of Freelance Illustrator/Animator Glenn Thomas and he finally has a new portfolio site live! Head ov...

Folio Of The Week #9 - Mildred & Duck

Folio of the week comes care of the awesome Melbourne based studio Mildred & Duck.

Folio Of The Week #8 - Beyond The Pixels

Beyond the Pixels is a Melbourne based design consultancy with a portfolio which is brimming with creative applications. Their folio is...

Folio Of The Week #7 - Jordan Dolheguy

Jordan Dolheguy is our prize winner of 'folio of the week'. On first glance some of Jordan's work feels chaotic and noisy but after som...

Toby, Pete & Knog

Toby, Pete & Knog

27.06.12 — Art, Digital, +2

Toby & Pete have collaborated with Knog to produce some stunning campaign images for their soon to be released locks.

Google Lego

27.06.12 — Design, Digital, +1

Google Australia have teamed up with Lego to create Build, a platform that shows off the capabilities of google chrome and celebrates t...

Folio Of The Week #6 - David Torr

This week we have selected Melbourne based designer David Torr as our folio of the week. David's work shows a fantastic retro aesthetic...

Liquorice Studio - Pickle Pictures

The talented folk of Liquorice Studio have recently completed a brand identity and rollout for Pickle Pictures. The minimal approach to...

Offscreen Issue 2

Offscreen Issue 2

19.06.12 — Design, Digital, +1

Offscreen is a beautiful print magazine out of Melbourne which tackles the people and work of those who create website and other on scr...

Folio Of The Week #5 - Jovan Velez

Recent Monash University Graduate Jovan Velez has been crowned with our Folio Of The Week. Jovan's folio is brimming with inventive typ...

Folio Of The Week #4 - Scott Ward

This week we have selected the outstanding work of Scott Ward to be our folio of the week. Scott is currently studying in his 3rd year ...

Folio Of The Week #3

This week we are featuring Tim Ruxton as our Folio Of The Week. Tim's folio is a great mix for modern design coupled with creative solu...

Mildred & Duck

Mildred & Duck

01.06.12 — Design, Digital, +1

Mildred & Duck is a design studio based on Melbourne. Their folio is jam packed full of fresh work and is well worth a browse.

29.05.12 — Digital

Love surfing? Love data? Love slick info graphics on websites? If you answered yes to at least one of those I'm pretty sure your going ...

3 Winged Fly

3 Winged Fly

25.05.12 — Design, Digital

What sounds like something off a Simpsons episode turns out to be a pretty hot little shop out of Melbourne - meet 3 Winged Fly. They ...