Allusive Collections

Allusive Collections

29.10.12 — Art, Events, +1

Allusive Collections is a collaborative project made of Jesse Dolman (20, Artist), Will Duncan (22, Artist), Jason Hazle (28, Artist an...

Marni Franks

23.10.12 — Fashion

Design Montage feature of Brisbane based textile and lingerie designer Marni of Thousand Dancers.

Suzy O'Rourke

Suzy O'Rourke

05.10.12 — Fashion

Suzy O'Rourke creates amazingly intricate headpieces, each one crafted by hand in her Sydney millinery. Visit:

Check out fashion label Third Chapter. All of their street/skate/snowboard/art/music inspired garments are made and printed in Aus. The...



04.09.12 — Design, Fashion, +1

"Close your eyes and imagine a squadron of sci-fi robots, old school TV sets and flying squirrels. Now you have a taste of bRainbow." ...

Lloyd Stevie meets Melissa Levy

I'm just going to say it; I love creative couples. It's inspiring when they push each others work further, collaborate on self initiate...

all originals represent - IN SYNTHESIS - Female Artist Collectives and Collaborators

IN SYNTHESIS is a group exhibition celebrating the vitality of female artists working as collectives and collaborators. Like the partn...

Dune X

27.08.12 — Art, Events, +1

Dune X is a mesmerising interactive landscape of light by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde created especially for Australian Fashion Desig...

Folio Of The Week #15 - Studio Alté

Fashion is a funny thing, constanly evolving and reinventing with every season. Staying one step ahead of the pack is a tough gig. That...

‘Fill the Blanks’ - a T-shirt design contest

One week to go in the Lonely Kids Club X Oxford Street Design Store ‘Fill the Blanks’ – T-shirt design contest. More details here...

Daniella Rech

Love the sometimes off-the-cuff, in-the-moment work of Ex-model, now Fashion Photographer Extraordinaire Daniella Rech. 

Amanda Lim

Beautiful dreamy editorial work by Sydney based Fashion Photographer Amanda Lim. 

Cameron Hammond

Sizzling hot photosets of previous Australia's Next Top Model winners Amanda and Kelsey by Fashion Photographer Cameron Hammond (NSFW ...



29.06.12 — Fashion, Photography

Cool imagery features in LOVEWANT, a zine published twice a year by Fashion Photographer Bec Parsons. Be sure to also check out Becs ...

Holloway Eyewear

Lately I've noticed a trend of recycling and reusing skateboard decks for all sorts of interesting and useful design pieces but none mo...