Elizabeth Butner

Elizabeth Butner started modeling at the age of 15 for brands such as Valentino and Missoni. At 17 she invested in camera gear and less...

Made In The Now 200

The clever kids at Made In The Now are approaching their 200th design this Thursday, mammoth effort. To celebrate at 2pm Brisbane time ...

Akila Berjaoui

Beautiful (and sexy) work by Sydney based Photographer Akila Berjaoui (NSFW Warning). 

Summer Rewind

Over the last month or so you may have seen one of our sponsors is Schweppes and their Summer Rewind offer. The talented duo behind the...

Eamo's Xmas

Eamo's Xmas

06.12.11 — Art, Design, +1

Eamo has dusted off the prints, ironed the t-shirts and bought a ton of bubble wrap just in time for your Xmas shopping over at the Mil...

Acclaim Mag sits down to talk to China Heights co-founder Mark Drew about his new collaboration with New Era Australia - first in a ser...

Great video, great exhibition. Head on out to Cockatoo Island to see it in the flesh.

SOYA 365

SOYA 365

10.11.11 — Architecture, Art, +8

Soya is back, this year with a tweak to the name and concept. Soya 365 will be run as a year round initiative with each category closin...

Justin Ridler

Top shelf work by young Fashion Photographer Justin Ridler.

Nick Hudson

Sydney based fashion photographer Nick Hudson has made some updates to his folio, very nice. 

Nicole Bentley

Solid body of editorial work by Perth based Fashion Photographer Nicole Bentley.

Illustrated - An exhibition by Syke

I've always loved the designs featured on Syke clothing. They're having an exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne at the en...



05.10.11 — Fashion

The duo behind TOME both have an impressive wealth of experience working in the fashion industry. Ramon Martin has spent time as design...

The Design Kids

The Design Kids

27.09.11 — Design, Fashion, +2

The holiday season is fast approaching (seriously I can't believe it's almost October!), and the hunt for the perfect gift begins. The ...

Made In The Now

Made In The Now

20.09.11 — Design, Fashion, +1

Made In The Now is a brilliant idea - the kind of idea you think 'I should of done that'. Too late - this Brisbane based team have nail...