Analogue/Digital X Australian Infront Next Gen Competition

Analogue/Digital X A...

14.04.14 — Art, Design, +12

We Want You!  Being an event for the people, by the people, the team at Analogue/Digital would like to give a helping hand to expose t...

The Internet in 2013

The Internet in 2013

23.12.13 — Design, Digital, +1

144.8 billion emails per day (!) is only one of the crazy numbers digital agency Reactive has looked back on for this year 2013. And ye...

Twitter for designers

Twitter is great for following what celebs ate for breakfast, or the next Miley Cyrus dance move. However, it seems a bit usless for th...

Mo' Moffitt.Moffitt

Andrew and Mark Moffitt aka Moffitt.Moffitt. have a new website, created by FutureBuro. As per their 'channel agnostic' statement "If y...

Rowland Martinez

Some really nice work by COFA design student Rowland Martinez who's on the prowl for some freelance work. 

Exit Films

Exit Films

20.09.12 — Advertising, Film, +1

Coming back from judging at the Spikes Asia competition in Singapore I was very impressed by the level of creativity around Asia, parti...

FeatherDuster is an interactive tool by Conduct for visually arranging, discovering and understanding the world's Twitter stream as it ...

Awesome Soup

Awesome Soup

19.04.12 — Design, Events, +2

Having started up a few of my own initiatives in my time*, funds on hand from the get-go is a must. More often than not it comes from y...

Influencing Design: Frank Chimero

Pretty excited to about this one, Frank Chimero is coming to Sydney for Vivid 2012. Tickets are live and will undoubtedlly sell like ho...

Zakary Chenoweth

07.03.12 — Design, Motion, +1

Fresh reel by recent Honours Graduate of Design in Visual Communication from UTS Zakary Chenoweth. 

Soapbox version 2.0

Soapbox version 2.0

25.01.12 — Design, Digital, +1

Soapbox iPad Portfolio app is a project which I launched last year in May, and was born out of the need to display and present to clien...



02.05.11 — Digital, Self Promotion, +1

Soapbox is a new tool for the iPad from Daniel Dittmar that allows you to showcase your portfolio or concepts in an innovative way. Wit...

Nicholas Hawker

New site and new work from Melbourne based designer Nicholas Hawker as

Win Without Pitching

Win Without Pitching

24.03.11 — Design, Events, +2

For years AGDA has been tut-tutting and wagging its finger at free pitching — unfortunately for all concerned, it's just how most...

Coming To America

We have featured James Kape's work several times in the last year - rightly so, quite the talent. He's just about to jump on a plane an...