New Talk: Pause for a spell

Jen Clark has posted a great new Talk article about the importance of ensuring your work is free of spelling errors. Head over to the f...

New Talk: Impeccable References

A new Talk is now online by Clinton Duncan, Impeccable References. Are there no new ideas? Read on and join the discussion.

New Talk: Who's The Boss?

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our latest Talk columnist, Clinton Duncan.Clintion is a highly reconised and celebrated graphic d...

New Talk: A Positive Spin

New Talk: A Positive...

28.05.10 — Art, Design, +2

Marcus Piper has posted his latest Talk article aptly titled, 'A Positive Spin' which takes to task the industry reaction to foreign ...

Reviews: Laptop Bag Road Test

We are all for trying new things here on INfront, so we have given our very first product road test a whirl. I spent 3 days with 3 very...

New Talk: Design education in Australia, your thoughts?

Great new Talk article by Jen Clark about Design Education in Australia. Let's get the discussion going. Add your thoughts in the forum...

New Talk: 10 Things My Hip Hop Magazine Taught Me

Great new article in Talk from Mark Pollard: 10 things my hip hop magazine taught me. For those who didn't know, Mark is the Strategy D...

New Talk: Print Profile - Mountain Fold

Chris Barton has put together a new print profile with none other than Mountain Fold in Talk. Check it out here.

New Talk online from Jeremy Wortsman: Online Project Management. Take a look and let us know about your tools of choice.

When the oldskool is not cool and you can't please everyone. My new INfront Talk here.

Inaugural Get Together

Last week I wrote an INfront Talk (read it here) on setting up a new VW Golf community. The forum has had a strong start with 87 member...

New Talk: Creating An Online Portfolio

Jen Clark has put together a new Talk for us: Creating An Online Portfolio. Go have a look and join the discussion.

Rebecca Wolkenstein has put together a new Talk: Relationships online - making social media work for you. Jump in and have a look. We w...

New Talk: Jeff Burch - The Spring Press

Chris Barton speaks to Jeff Burch from The Spring Press in a new Talk - online now:

Building a community overnight

Sharing is caring so for the next few months I'll be documenting the creation of a new community. A new INfront Talk by yours truly.